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Carlos Scandiffio

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lives & works in Bethesda, MD and Miami, FL

A successful businessman and an accomplished writer who painted and sketched his entire life mostly for therapeutic amusement, Carlos started his career in earnest over the past few years. His passion for familiar places and people dominate his themes. He is predominantly an aquarellist who occasionally gravitates towards other media, always remaining true to his creative form. He does not rely on plastics, photographic layovers, metals or varnishes to enhance his skills as he considers himself a modern impressionist, rather than a postmodernist heavily supported by abstractions, craftsmanship, or printmaking. He seeks to associate himself with realists, albeit injecting his personal passion for violating rules of academic painting. He now travels the world in search of the people and landmarks that will later become themes for his series.


“I paint personal memories. I’ve sat on every Bistro, sailed each vessel, walked on every park, and known almost every person that I’ve painted. With very few exceptions: like Marilyn. I have hundreds of sketches yet to be painted and each represents a fond memory that I bring back to life for my own amusement.”

Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 8.24.15 AM.png
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